Brand Name
  • Digital strategy, products, and communication

    Disrupt. Don't be disrupted.

    • Business and product strategy
    • Digital marketing and communication
    • Presentations and trend scouting
    • Don't want to be the next dinosaur?

      Be prepared for the digital disruption of your industry. Attract new customers, open up new revenue streams, and be more efficient. Create the future instead of trying to catch up. Our services:

        • network_check

          Check digital readiness of strategy, products, and processes.

        • explore

          Organize and support strategy and product development.

        • highlight

          Inject digital know-how and ideas into the creative process.

        • swap_horiz

          Support the change process.

    • Do you speak digital?

      Have meaningful and effective conversations on your customers’ preferred platforms and channels. Initiate and shape the communication about your business and brands before others do it. Our services:

        • rss_feed

          Develop integrated marketing and communication strategies with a digital focus.

        • forum

          Plan and implement all relevant digital communication tools and channels (web, social, mobile, online advertising, chatbots, e-mail).

        • insert_chart

          Measure and optimize the impact of your communication.

    • Want to know how 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, or Bitcoin will change your business and the world?

      Be up to date with the latest tech trends and their impact on business and society. Our services:

        • group

          Keynote speeches, presentations, dinner talks, workshops, or panel discussions to inform your management, staff, or customers about the latest trends in an easy to understand and entertaining way.

        • whatshot

          Ongoing trend scouting and reporting on the latest tech developments that are relevant to your industry.

When will the blockchain disrupt your business?

Be prepared.

The blockchain is the technology behind the crypto currency Bitcoin. It has the potential to dramatically change the Internet and many fundamental aspects of society and business in the coming years. We are one of the first companies in Europe to offer in-depth knowledge about Bitcoin, the blockchain and related business cases. Our services:

    • school

      Presentations and training on blockchain technology.

    • gps_fixed

      Assess blockchain impact on your business and industry.

    • fingerprint

      Develop customized blockchain strategy.

    • build

      Develop blockchain related products and business models.

Read our blog and stay informed about the blockchain:

Visit Blockruption

Tender writing and bid management

Create winning proposals for demanding clients.

In today’s competitive business environment, many potential products are put out to tender. Do you want your tender to stand out from your competitors and win? Let us enhance your proposals: In the past 15 years, we have created more than 100 winning tenders for international clients. Our main area of expertise is public procurement, especially for the European institutions and national authorities. Our services:

    • Coordinate the tender procedure
    • Draft proposals
    • Contribute expert knowledge
        • lightbulb_outline

          Proposal planning and strategy

        • center_focus_strong

          Evaluation of tender specifications

        • dashboard

          Bid management and coordination of experts

        • grade

          Quality management

        • format_list_numbered

          Proposal structuring

        • comment

          Expert interviews

        • mode_edit

          Tender writing

        • account_balance

          Policy background

        • tune

          Communication strategy

        • graphic_eq

          Digital communication strategy and tools

        • search

          Data analysis

The team

  • Collin Müller

    Collin has more than twenty years of professional and leadership experience in digital media, business development, marketing, technology and innovation management. Since 1994, the early days of the Web, his focus has been on digital media and e-commerce products and solutions. Collin holds a Master’s degree in economics and computer science from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.

  • Yvonne Breitsprecher

    Yvonne has more than twenty years of experience in international communications and marketing. In the past 15 years, she has gained extensive experience in tender writing, bid management and public procurement processes and has created more than 100 winning tenders in small and large teams for international clients. Yvonne holds a Master’s degree in Chinese and English studies from Heidelberg University, Germany.